How does IX Wireless fixed wireless technology operate?

IX Wireless deliver an internet connection using wireless radio frequencies, this eradicates the need for disruptive digging up of the roads and the effect this has on local residents and the environment.

We install a localised, networked transmitter that covers an area up to 3km, enabling consumers and businesses to join our network via a small receiver installed on the property.

Our planned expansion is to have more than 4 million properties passed by 2025, each with access to the advantages of our next generation technology, many of whom would have poor internet access had it not been for IX Wireless.

Internet access has evolved over the last 20 years from the slow dial-up modems that accompanied personal computers, to the wireless broadband services of today.

How are we different?

Unlike traditional ’dig and cover’ operators, IX Wireless uses a combination of fixed lines, our own telegraph pole infrastructure and wireless technology to deliver fast and reliable broadband speeds.

How the network delivers full fibre broadband

Our cabinets are directly linked to data centres, which sends fibre to the cabinet.

Our telegraph poles then carry fibre cables overhead from the cabinet to our transmitter (broadcasting mast).

The fibre signal is then sent wirelessly from the transmitter to a small receiver fitted to the property.

The transmitter is cabled directly to the router, delivering fibre speeds to the router.